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"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

About PATS Pilates

PATS PILATES Studios was established in 2002. The PATS PILATES team are committed to achieving a welcoming and supportive environment for all clients. Our teaching standards are of the highest quality. Our Pilates classes are small so that we can provide individual help to achieve your goals. We have established a reputation for excellence which is recognised by the medical profession, physiotherapist, osteopaths and other health professionals. 

Our Studio Mission Statement:To empower people to move with freedom.

Pilates Advanced Training School (PATS) is a dedicated training provider in Milton Keynes, which has established a reputation for providing high quality Level 3 Pilates Instructors. It is nationally and internationally recognised for providing the YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates. For over 12 years PATS has successfully trained students from all over the world. For those who need to update their relevant knowledge and skills, PATS offers Pilates Equipment training, Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses and Pilates workshops throughout the year.

Our School Mission Statement:

Pilates Advanced Training School is dedicated to continue the works of Joseph Pilates and use up to date research so that safe and effective practice will be taught to the students. Inspiration, motivation, continued professional development for all students are the goals for the Pilates Advanced Training School.

Our Pilates Studio

Our Pilates Studios overlooks the historical site of a Roman Villa and the verdant panorama of parkland. Many of our clients use the park enjoying the peaceful and natural surroundings. Plenty of safe and free parking is available adjacent to the Studio.

Our Studios cater for group Mat Pilates classes and has dedicated Pilates equipment for group or personal tuition. 

The Studio equipment includes:

  • Reformer
  • Wunda Chair
  • Cadillac
  • Incline Table
  • High Table
  • Arc Barrel
  • Isotoner
  • Wobble Board
  • Stability Foam Roll
  • Stability Ball
  • Free Weights
  • A wide range of small equipment and fitness aids

Our Team

Introducing our Pilates instructors:


PATS Pilates Founder & Course Director

Pat is the founder of PATS Pilates and the Course Director for the Pilates Advanced Training School.

Pat is a Pilates teacher, an accredited BWY Yoga teacher, registered Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 level (trained with Simon Low, The Yoga Academy), a Low Back Pain Specialist, Pre and Post Natal instructor, a consultant for Falls Prevention, Exercise Referral consultant for GPs and medical practitioners. She has been teaching for over 20 years attaining many qualifications. She actively continues her studies in both Pilates and Yoga attending many courses in her field.

At the age of 9 it was discovered that Pat had scoliosis (curvature of the spine). The Pilates exercise method was life changing for Pat, it helped her to realign her spine, improve posture, increase flexibility and strengthen abdominals and back muscles to support her spine.

Pat is inspired and motivated by one of Joseph Pilates quotes – ‘Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind, and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.

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Studio Manager & Principal Pilates Instructor

Emma is an inspirational, energetic and experienced fully qualified Pilates instructor, with a huge amount of teaching experience spanning more than 10 years. Emma enjoys teaching a wide variety of clients, in group and small group sessions and focusing on an individual’s specific goals in one to one sessions.

As well as teaching Emma is the manager at PATS PILATES, Emma loves the dual aspect of her role.

Emma’s journey so far: As a child Emma was a dedicated athlete and dancer, growing up in a family steeped in dance, fitness and Pilates Emma has always been interested in movement and exercise. Emma sustained an injury in her teens and was referred to Pilates where her interest and passion for the method started. As well as teaching a broad range of classes Emma specialises in teaching rehabilitation Pilates and is passionate about working with clients to focus on their goals and celebrating their success when they achieve the results they have worked hard for.

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Senior Pilates Instructor

Hi, I am Clare. I first found my love for Pilates whilst gaining my BA(hons) Dance degree at the London College of Dance. This inspired me to qualify as a Pilates Level 3 instructor, originally with the Pilates Institute and thereafter the Pilates Advanced Training School. I embarked on further training to enhance my knowledge and understanding with Intelligent Fitness Advanced Anatomy, Active IQ Level 4 Exercise for the management of lower back pain and Myofascial Anatomy Trains with Michael Watson from the works of Thomas Myers to name a few.

I believe in creating functional body movement to encourage the best possible movement patterns with the least amount of stress and strain. Pilates is my tool to this goal and what I love about Pilates is that it works for everyone. Whether you are young, old, an athlete or recovering through rehabilitation Pilates can help all of us to become more functional in our own bodies. I look forward to teaching you soon!

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Senior Pilates Instructor

Pilates for me is a lifestyle change. I apply the Pilates Method and Pilates Principles to every movement of the day, this means if I'm am walking, running or jumping I'm maintaining my Pilates alignment whilst using the Pilates Principles (breathing, centering, control, concentration, precision, flowing movements) this helps to keep my body supple and strong.

During my training I explored the Pilates Principles and now apply them to lots of different exercises outside the Joseph Pilates 1-34 Pilates Classical exercises.

I use the Pilates Principles to re-enforce my alignment throughout the day. The Pilates Method helps to keep me strong and flexible, this is vital as I’m a free runner. As the owner of Paramount Parkour Academy, Milton Keynes I take great care in adding Pilates moves to enhance everyone’s performance.

My claim to fame was entering the ITV Ninja Warrior UK. Adding Pilates to my training helped me through the gauntlet.

What I embody I happily share with all those I teach. 

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Senior Pilates Instructor

I was a professional athlete for 14 years and frequently suffered many injuries due to the extensive training. I often asked myself why I didn't perform my best due to injury when others were performing well with the same training as myself and were free of injury.

I retired in 2006. Whilst study sports medicine I discovered the Pilates method of exercise. Pilates aims to find the weakest link within the body, build on its strength to ensure it is capable to manage those major and stronger muscle groups. Often people work only the external strong muscles and forget the deep muscles, which are often weak, this can create greater muscular imbalance and lead if untreated to injury.

My aim is to ensure the training helps everyone to reach their fitness goals, which will lead to enjoying a healthier and fitter life. Currently I am working with a range of people from elite athletes to patients who are suffering from forms of neuro-muscular disease.

"I believe that we all are athletes inside - all of which competing in our own Olympic Game."

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Office Administrator & Pilates Instructor

I started Pilates for personal reasons some time ago, working in a fast-paced environment on a daily basis, started to take its toll. Pilates very quickly transformed my way of life for the better.

With the passion for Pilates already a way of life, I was given the fantastic opportunity to train as an Instructor. Far removed from anything I’d ever done, I pursued my new-found ambition, With the ongoing training, mentoring and amazing support from Pilates Advanced Training School, I graduated as a Level 3 Pilates Instructor.

I began covering classes at PATS PILATES studios, continued with ongoing training, to further increase my teaching skills and knowledge.

I am now in what I believe to be the enviable position of teaching regular classes and 1:1 sessions on a full-time basis, in addition to supporting the studio with the administration duties.

I look forward to continuing my work in helping people improve their own way of life, now and for the future.

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Pilates Instructor

Having been recommended to attend Pilates classes over 14 years ago due to a back injury and benefiting so much from it, my personal motivations are all around sharing the benefits to others. My drive to learn more detailed techniques and understand my own body lead me to undertake the Level 3 Instructor training. I am passionate about helping others to achieve the same benefits I have and believe Pilates offers so much variety to work at all levels of fitness and ability.

Over the years I have worked to further develop my understanding of the body - its movement and function – and develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of Pilates and how it can help anyone to feel and move better. I am now also enjoying working as a Tutor for the Pilates Advanced Training School and supporting students to achieve their Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates.

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Pilates Instructor

My love for Pilates came after I trained intensively during my degree at the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance (Conservatoire for Dance and Drama) in Leeds. This taught me a lot about fine-tuning your body and I used Pilates to help manage my Scoliosis.

After my training I combined my experiences and knowledge of dance with fitness by training as a Personal Trainer and completing The Level 3 Pilates Advanced Training School course.

I loved teaching Pilates so much, I continued my training to be able to teach the Pilates equipment as well. I love working with all the clients at PATS PILATES. Pilates has so many benefits and is accessible to all so it is a joy to be able to pass this on to the clients at PATS PILATES. 

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Pilates Instructor

I have practiced Pilates since 2009 and never been bored. Even after my first session I felt energized, more capable and more alive. Pilates is my power charge whatever I do in life. It is so effective and so powerful when taught properly it makes the entire body stronger and more flexible. This is the reason in 2013 I completed my Level 3 Mat Pilates trainingat Pilates Advanced Training School and since then I love teaching Pilates so much I continued my studies and in 2016 I completed the Pilates Studio equipment training at Pilates Advanced Training School, Milton Keynes.

It truly has been an amazing journey and my mission is to inspire others to live a healthy, active and a fulfilling live.

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Pilates Instructor

I discovered Pilates in 2005 during rehabilitation following an accident, and have enjoyed the benefits of the Pilates method ever since. As well as helping me to regain physical strength, balance, flexibility and self confidence during rehabilitation, Pilates has also been instrumental in counterbalancing the physical and mental challenges associated with working in a corporate environment.

More recently, Pilates has been key in helping me to re-condition my body following the birth of my children. The benefits really are endless, and this is the reason that I recently decided to qualify as a Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor at Pilates Advanced Training School. I am very excited to be part of the incredible team at PATS PILATES and to share my knowledge and passion with anyone attending my classes!

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Pilates Instructor

Beth is delighted to be a part of the amazing team at PATS PILATES.

Pilates was revelatory in helping Beth to rehabilitate and manage a long-standing back injury whilst greatly increasing her range of movement and fitness.

This ‘clouds parting’ discovery led Beth to make the decision to retrain as a Level 3 Mat Pilates Teacher at the renowned Pilates Advanced Training School Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, enabling her to bring her passion and belief that ‘everyone can move’ to her clients.

Beth continued her studies with Pilates Advanced Training Schooland is now a qualified Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates instructor.

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Pilates Instructor

I have been studying Pilates for over two years before deciding to qualify as a Mat instructor and help people improving their lives through this fantastic, powerful and effective method of movement.

Pilates is essential for my well-being journey and this is the motivation and the inspiration I try to pass onto my students.

I love training, learning and improving my Pilates teaching and practicing skills. Teaching Pilates is a constant, two way learning opportunity with the people in front of me: it's a moment out of their daily crazy life to focus on their own bodies - all bodies, regardless of shape,size or fitness level. Pilates is a journey for everyone and we all start somewhere!

I truly believe that people can inspire each other and take out the best part of themselves. It worked for me and I hope I can inspire people around me in the same way.

I am positive, enthusiastic, curious and this always takes me to try and experiment different activities (my last passion is everything aerial but it will be a long way before you will see me hanging from a silk!), disciplines and workouts where my body and my mind are challenged and strengthened.

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Pilates Instructor

My name is Serena Welch.

Having incurred a back injury I was told I needed to make Pilates a life choice and something I did forever!

As a new mum with 2 young kiddies I struggled to find a class suitable for me so I thought 'Let's become a Pilates teacher!' To start the journey I achieved Level 2 Gym Instructor certification at MK College, Bletchley. My search for a Pilates teacher started and finished with Pat Jenkins, Director of Pilates Advanced Training School. On meeting her, I was inspired and awe struck by her journey and how close she is to school of Joseph Pilates. I qualified as a Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor in March 2016. I love learning and acquiring new skills and have recently qualified as a Pre Natal and Post Natal Pilates instructor.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat at PATS PILATES.

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Pilates Instructor

I have been in the Health & Fitness Industry for 17 years, starting out as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.

I believe exercise should be accessible for all to enjoy and to this end have gained additional training / qualifications in GP Exercise Referral, Neuro-Rehabilitation and the Otago Exercise Programme Leader Award (designed to improve strength & balance for the older generation).

These additional qualifications have enabled me to work with people of all ages, abilities and levels of health and for the past 5 years I have worked in a small specialist exercise gym in a retirement village.

I became interested in Pilates as I felt it would broaden and enhance the help I can offer people and indeed, the multitude of benefits have become more apparent to me through both my own practice and through teaching others.

I hope to be able to make a positive difference to the health and well-being of those I teach as well as continue my own learning journey.

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