"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


PATS PILATES Studio was established in 2002. The PATS PILATES team are committed to achieving a welcoming and supportive environment for all clients. Our teaching standards are of the highest quality. The Pilates classes and 1:1 sessions are designed to achieve your individual goals. We have established a reputation for excellence which is recognised by the medical profession, physiotherapist, osteopaths and other health professionals.

Our Studio Mission Statement: To empower people to move with freedom.

Pilates Advanced Training School (PATS) is a dedicated training provider in Milton Keynes. For over 16 years PATS has successfully trained students from all over the world. For those who need to update their relevant knowledge and skills, PATS offers Pilates Equipment training, Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses and Pilates workshops throughout the year.

Pilates Advanced Training School is dedicated to continue the works of Joseph Pilates and use up to date research so that safe and effective practice will be taught to the students. Inspiration, motivation, continued professional development for all students are the goals for the Pilates Advanced Training School.

Our Pilates Studio

The Pilates Studio is situated in a quiet location surrounded by parkland.

Free parking directly outside the studio.

The studio caters for 1:1 sessions.

The studio includes the following Balanced Body equipment:

  • Reformer
  • Tower
  • Wunda Chair
  • Spine Corrector
  • Arc Barrel
  • Foot Corrector
  • Isotoner
  • Wobble Board
  • Stability Foam Roll
  • Stability Ball
  • Free Weights
  • A wide range of small equipment and fitness aids

The Team


PATS Pilates Founder & Course Director

Pat is the founder of PATS Pilates and the Course Director for the Pilates Advanced Training School.

Pat is a Pilates teacher, an accredited BWY Yoga teacher, registered Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 level (trained with Simon Low, The Yoga Academy), a Low Back Pain Specialist, Pre and Post Natal instructor, a consultant for Falls Prevention, Exercise Referral consultant for GPs and medical practitioners. She has been teaching for over 25 years attaining many qualifications. She actively continues her studies in both Pilates and Yoga attending many courses in her field.

At the age of 9 it was discovered that Pat had scoliosis (curvature of the spine). The Pilates exercise method was life changing for Pat, it helped her to realign her spine, improve posture, increase flexibility and strengthen abdominals and back muscles to support her spine.

Pat is inspired and motivated by one of Joseph Pilates quotes – ‘Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind, and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.

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Senior Principal Instructor

I am a fully qualified Pilates instructor, with a teaching experience spanning more than 14 years. I am an accredited Low Back Pain Specialist, Pre and Post Natal instructor, and Exercise Referral consultant for GPs and medical practitioners.

As a child I was a keen athlete and dancer. Growing up in a family steeped in dance, fitness and Pilates I have always been interested in movement and exercise. I sustained an injury in my teens and was referred to Pilates where my interest and passion for the method started. As well as teaching a broad range of classes I specialises in teaching rehabilitation Pilates and am passionate about working with clients to focus on their goals and celebrating their success when they achieve the results they have worked hard for.

My dedication to help rehabilitate bodies has inspired me to further my studies, and in 2020 I embarked on a 5 year integrated Masters of Chiropractic degree, with the ambition to further support my clients neuromusculoskeletal system, enhancing function and wellbeing of the whole body.

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Senior Pilates Instructor

Pilates for me is a lifestyle change. I apply the Pilates Method and Pilates Principles to every movement of the day, this means if I'm am walking, running or jumping I'm maintaining my Pilates alignment whilst using the Pilates Principles (breathing, centering, control, concentration, precision, flowing movements) this helps to keep my body supple and strong.

During my training I explored the Pilates Principles and now apply them to lots of different exercises outside the Joseph Pilates 1-34 Pilates Classical exercises.

I use the Pilates Principles to re-enforce my alignment throughout the day. The Pilates Method helps to keep me strong and flexible, this is vital as I’m a free runner. As the owner of Paramount Parkour Academy, Milton Keynes I take great care in adding Pilates moves to enhance everyone’s performance.

My claim to fame was entering the ITV Ninja Warrior UK. Adding Pilates to my training helped me through the gauntlet.

What I embody I happily share with all those I teach.

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Pilates Instructor

I discovered Pilates in 2005 during rehabilitation following an accident, and have enjoyed the benefits of the Pilates method ever since. As well as helping me to regain physical strength, balance, flexibility and self confidence during rehabilitation, Pilates has also been instrumental in counterbalancing the physical and mental challenges associated with working in a corporate environment.

More recently, Pilates has been key in helping me to re-condition my body following the birth of my children. The benefits really are endless, and this is the reason that I recently decided to qualify as a Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor at Pilates Advanced Training School. I am very excited to be part of the incredible team at PATS PILATES and to share my knowledge and passion with anyone attending my classes!

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Pilates Instructor

I am passionate about Pilates which I have been practising almost every day for many years and teaching since I qualified as an instructor in 2015. Health and fitness have always been really important to me and a big part of my life. I worked for many years in healthcare as a dietitian and continued to do so whilst building up my Pilates teaching practice, which I eventually decided to put all my energies into, and I have never looked back. Pilates has, for me, enhanced my quality of life and evolved as an ongoing holistic journey of learning and self-development – both for myself and to be shared. I love to teach and my aim is to inspire and motivate others to benefit their overall wellbeing, taking care to be mindful that each and every one of us is different with regard to levels of ability, flexibility, strength and mobility, so that at the end of a class clients have a sense of feeling energised, yet calm and relaxed in mind and body.

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Pilates Instructor

My interest in fitness and dance started early in life and lead me to become a qualified PE and Dance teacher. Whilst teaching in secondary schools I specialised in teaching dance and gymnastic. Joseph Pilates himself devised his repertoire of classical exercises whilst working with injured dances.

Moving away from the fitness industry and having to experience a desk job was the reason I sought the help of Pilates. Working on computers and sitting for a long period each day can lead to lower back pain and poor posture. Pilates exercises I found quickly realigned my spine and improved my posture. I love teaching Pilates so I can help people achieve this too.

I understand how the principles of Pilates (breathing, centring, control, concentration, precision, and flowing movements, isolation and routine) can assist me and my clients in improving their form in their other sporting activities, hobbies and day to chores. Indeed, it is a powerful disciple in helping to prevent injury as well assisting with rehabilitation.

Pilates is a great way for people of ages and backgrounds to improve their fitness, spine health, plus lower their stress levels and improve mental well-being.

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