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10 Pilates Tips

Published on: 27/06/17

10 Pilates Tips

  1. Make time for Pilates - make Pilates part of your day. Pilates can really make a difference in supporting your body’s everyday movements. Pilates does not over-develop some parts of the body and neglect other parts. It re-educates and trains the body as a whole.
  2. Be patient - you are meeting parts of yourself that your body has been at war with. Changing things take time!
  3. Be prepared for the unexpected - it is often the unexpected that can change our body, mind and the way we breathe.
  4. Breathe - simply breathe full and wide. Explore and discover the length and width of the inhalation and emptying and letting go of the exhalation.
  5. Centering - all movements originate from the centre of the body. Pilates helps you to get to know what and where is your centre and how your centre can support your spine, major organs, strengthen your back and improve your alignment and posture.
  6. Concentration - Pilates is a thinking exercise. Joseph Pilates called his method “the thinking man’s exercise.” If you think it the body will follow.
  7. Control - the key to Pilates is to focus and control whilst co-ordinating the mind and the body to perform each movement safely, efficiently and effectively.
  8. Precision - by directing and placing the body and its parts precisely will lead to successful movements. The rewards are many: increase in core strength, joint stability and flexibility, stronger and supportive back and for everyday movement.
  9. Flow - take your time, feel what it’s like to slow down and enjoy!
  10. It’s okay to smile, giggle or laugh - Pilates is a celebration of what your mind and body can do.

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