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2020 - Goal Setting

Published on: 10/01/20


A New Year and a New Decade! Do you have any resolutions or have you set any goals to achieve this year?

Starting a new year seems the perfect time to reprioritise and refocus on you, your goals and wellbeing for the year ahead. No need to over complicate the goals, think about the things that will make you feel good and add happiness to your life, focus on those which will make it more achievable.

I like to write lists, by doing so it helps to reconfirm my goals and gives me great satisfaction when ticking off the goal or task that I have completed. Remember some goals will be ongoing and will forever be a 'work in progress'.

Some things you may consider in 2020:

  • Improve fitness - winter is a tough time to start a new fitness regime with the shorter and colder days, motivation can be lacking but you can start with the small things like taking the stairs at work or choosing to ditch the car and opt to cycling to work.
  • More 'me' time - we seem to have become a nation that is time-poor, most of our days whether at work or socially are scheduled leaving very little time to do the things that make us happy like taking a bath, reading a book, going for a walk or learn a new skill
  • Prioritise health - both mind and body. Find an activity that will help reduce stress and alleviate body tension. There are lots of mindfulness apps available and classes like Pilates & Yoga have great heath benefits.
  • Reduce time on social media - this will have a positive impact on your posture, in turn reducing the likelihood of experiencing 'text neck', check out our blog about Getting off the Grid. In addition less screen-time will leave more time for you to achieve some of your other goals.
  • Be more eco-friendly - with climate change at the forefront of our minds, there are so many ways in which we can contribute to being kinder to our planet.

If you have any aches or pains, want to learn something new, improve your fitness and wellbeing and add a little more time in the week for you then joining a Pilates may be the answer?! We have 2 new Beginner Courses starting this month, so avoid the January blues and give us a call to start ticking off some of those resolutions on your list.

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