"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

4 Week Beginner's Pilates Course

Published on: 09/11/20

New 4 Week Beginner's Pilates Course

New or returning back to Pilates, this 4 Week Beginner's Pilates Course is for you.

Starts 6.00pm  Wednesday 6 January 2021

This course will run for 4 consecutive weeks. 

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Niki will teach the fundamentals, principles of Pilates and guide you through the PATS PILATES experience by strengthening the deeper muscles that support your centre.

You can help you to achieve:

* Trim waistline

* Increase flexibility.

* Improve breathing.

* Lower stress levels.

* Increase body awareness.

* Improve posture, which can lessen back pain.

* Gain greater joint mobility, which can help to reduce injuries.

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