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Pilates & Yoga in the Sun 2023

Holiday details coming soon

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Online On-Demand Pilates Classes

Join PATS PILATES online on-demand Pilates classes, start your free 7 day trial today

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Prequel for my Thailand diary

STOP, look, feel, listen and make steps to regain life's balance.

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Pilates & Yoga (Monthly Class with Pat)

The Pilates & Yoga class will help you to stretch muscles, maintain or improve your range of movement in a joint/s, leaving you in a state of bliss!

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Read about osteoporosis, it is a condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to fracture.

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5 of my favourite things!

5 of my favourite things! Family, Friends, Pilates, Yoga & Holidays.

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BWY IST DAY Mindfulness Yoga with Cathy-Mae Karelse, 5 Nov

Research has shown that when we incorporate mindfulness practice into our day-to-day activities.

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Yoga & Pilates Day Retreat at Tofte Manor - Sunday 12 November 2017

Treat yourself to a relaxing and reviving day with Pat and Emma at Tofte Manor in Bedfordshire.

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Yoga Nidra: A Practice for Healing & Transformation

An understanding of Yoga Nidra of the Satyananda tradition and Sankalpa.

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BWY IST Day Exploring the Energy Body and Self Inquiry Billy Doyle - Sunday 14 May

Learn how to listen to the body and experience it moment to moment. Understanding the difference between spontaneous breathing and when it is manipulated.

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