"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

APRIL 2018

Published on: 13/04/18


I have always been sporty and enjoyed keeping fit but by the age of 30 I had so many aches and pains I knew I had to change something. I discovered PATS PILATES more than 12 years ago and Pat quickly made me realise just how crooked my whole body was and how much I had been compensating for muscles that weren’t working correctly.

Initially I found some of the smallest movements almost impossible but during the first few years of doing Pilates I noticed a reduction in my knee and back pain. Together with various osteopath and physiotherapy appointments I gradually unravelled the twist in my body and began to enjoy other activities again, such as running and skiing, that I’d more or less had to give up.

Pilates has increased my body awareness and allowed me to improve my main hobby of horse riding. Now that I am straight it has made such a difference to how nicely my horse is able to work! It also helps my body cope with a demanding job, where I spend most of my day sitting slightly twisted and I rarely need any physio appointments these days.

I had suggested to my husband for many years that he should consider doing Pilates, as his aim is to still be skiing when he’s in his 70’s, and he became a convert more than 3 years ago. Through his instructor Ruel we heard about Parkour (free-running). Although we are at least 20 years older than the majority of the participants, we can now regularly be found jumping off heights and practicing flips in the padded environment of Paramount Parkour. We are usually able to put the youngsters to shame with our core strength!

I would like to thank the amazing instructors at PATS PILATES, in particular Emma and Anna for their encouragement and of course Pat. I look forward to many more years of activity and fun, I really do feel the benefit of Pilates every day!

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