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"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

Chair Based Pilates Exercise Workshop

Published on: 25/11/19

Chair Based Pilates Workshop

Sunday 10 May

1.00pm - 5.00pm

Workshop Fee: £95

To book email info@pats-pilates.co.uk

Ongoing learning is at the very heart of the Pilates Advanced Training School, Milton Keynes. We welcome all Pilates teachers to participate in our workshop.

The workshop will guide Pilates Instructors to aid those who need to stay strong, steady, mobile. The goal is to be independent to do the things you enjoy.

The Chair Based Pilates workshop is designed for people who have less mobility but still wish to benefit from the Pilates Method.

As the name suggests, Chair Based Pilates is performed whilst sitting down.

The workshop will delve into the series of movements, stretches and exercises that allow someone who is less mobile the opportunity to increase the heart rate and exercise body without bearing their own weight.

Experience what it feels like not being 'on your feet' and how this can be an beneficial form of exercise. Those with feet/ankles, knees or hip problems will find exercise performed on a chair invaluable.

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