"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 01/07/19

I have been coming to PATS PILATES for nearly 16 years now. I got to know Pat through my work as a Hairdresser and she demonstrated how to adopt a better posture when both working and walking around.

From my very first lesson I was interested in learning how to relax whilst also feeling like I had a great workout as well.

I love my job as a Hairdresser but it’s not something I want to do forever, standing for hours all day long, I wanted something else to fall back on and Pilates is the one thing I really enjoy and feel passionately about.

It was not easy doing the theory as I’m Dyslexic and haven’t done anything like this since leaving school and training to be a Hairdresser 20 years ago but with the help and support I received from PATS team I did it.

I learnt so much with the theory and found it really fascinating to learn how the body works as a whole unit. I loved every minute of the practical side of the training and I feel really lucky to have PATS team by my side as they have set me on a path which I feel very excited about.

Pilates is an amazing exercise that has helped myself and many others out and I get a real buzz when my clients give me feedback and tell me they had a great workout and feel better and more relaxed.

Now that I have completed my level 3 in Mat Pilates I will be doing many other courses with PATS and continue to develop my new career as a qualified Pilates instructor. I am very excited to be working at PATS PILATES and look forward to meeting you soon.

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