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Christmas Traditions

Published on: 28/12/17

Christmas Traditions

Our favourite time of year has been and gone!

As I look back over the last couple of days, I find myself pondering why:

  1. I plan and prepare the same Christmas and Boxing Day meals every year.
  2. Hang the same decorations on the tree each year.
  3. Have a Christmas Day family traditional breakfast, which is reminiscent of our childhood.
  4. A fairy that is over 30 year old and is still going strong and very happy to be placed on top of the tree.
  5. Music - where do I begin, All I want for Christmas (Mariah Carey) The Fairy Tale of New York (The Pogues), Now that’s what I call Christmas album, to name but a few!

Are these traditions?

The Oxford dictionary defines tradition - A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on from one generation to another.

Over the years the traditions from my childhood and my husband’s have joined to create a mix of cultures that our children will take on and adapt as they form new relationships.

However, dare we totally break free and change the world order?

Is this the same pattern in every family?

Are any of these traditions part of your festive rituals?

  1. Christmas church service
  2. Stressful shopping
  3. Breakfast
  4. Overeating
  5. Drinking mid morning
  6. Christmas crackers
  7. Bad jokes
  8. Queen’s speech
  9. Advent calendar
  10. TV Christmas specials
  11. Films
  12. Christmas games
  13. Carrot for the reindeers 😂
  14. Mince pie and a glass of Sherry for Father Christmas 🎅🏻
  15. Christmas jumpers
  16. Christmas stockings
  17. Brussels sprouts
  18. Men carving the turkey
  19. Christmas pudding
  20. Christmas cake
  21. Mistletoe
  22. Christmas tree
  23. Walks after the Christmas meal
  24. Falling asleep on the sofa
  25. Eating leftovers on Boxing Day

Conclusion - Christmas traditions are some of the best parts of Christmas. There’s something about being with your family and friends and enjoying the traditions you’ve also enjoyed so many other times before that really makes the whole experience magical.

Christmas traditions will create memories your family and friends will remember forever.

I love Christmas traditions. ❤️

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