"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

April 2014

Published on: 01/04/14

I started Pilates few months ago after being convinced by spinal surgeon that would help. Instead of a class at a local gym , I decided to join a studio where they also use the reformer equipment and where the instructors are fully certified in Pilates methods . I was very pleased to experience the results. Doing Pilates consistently for a few months has helped to strengthen my back muscles. Its not only helped solve my back problem but also fixed some other issues related to pregnancy/child-birth like core muscle weak-ness which a lot of women develop. Through 1:1 sessions with Emma and mat classes at PATS Pilates over a period of 3-4 months, my core muscles strength have improved so much that I not only avoided surgery but also feel my abs are even stronger than pre pregnancy state. I am very happy with the outcome. I’m a big fan of the professionalism that PATS Pilates instructors and studio reflects. I’m so pleased that I have discovered this place, here each session is challenging mentally and physically though they will only push you to your limits. I really enjoy my time at PATS Pilates. I do not have to convince and motivate myself for the next session in fact I always look forward to it . It is their dedication and focus along with patient efforts that bears fruit. I would strongly recommend pre and post natal Pilates at PATS Pilates to pregnant women and anyone with back issues to experience this form of exercise as it does give solid results. Even those who do not have any health related issues should do Pilates to continue stay fit and healthy. DO PILATES, IT WORKS…

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