"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

April 2015

Published on: 01/04/15

I have just reached 81 years old and up to last October I felt I was pretty healthy and mobile, even danced at my 80th birthday party. Then in October while at the airport in Kathmandu moving forward to board the plane home somebody hit the back of my legs with his luggage and left me flat on my back in great pain. I managed to get home with lots of help from my family with whom I was traveling with but then spent several weeks suffering extreme pain from broken vertebrae. The doctor suggested I try Pilates and I was put in touch with PATS Pilates. 

I started seeing Emma and sometimes Pat for one to one lessons in January, and love every minute of my time with them. They have done me so much good and given me back self-confidence and the pains are mostly gone now. I don't understand how such little movements together with the right breathing can make so much difference, but it really does, so many thanks to you Emma and Pat. I won’t give up my classes for anything!

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