"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

April 2016

Published on: 01/04/16

Bob: As we age there is a need to keep active and retain/regain/obtain flexibility. Friends of mine spoke highly of Pilates as a way of achieving this and I reckoned a regular session would contribute to arresting the pace of inevitable decline. My introductory chat with Pat was an eye opener and made me realise how limited was my understanding as to how my body worked. The weekly sessions‎ with Anna have been great and despite still having trouble remembering the exercises, keeping my shoulders down and dismounting from equipment properly she and my fellow classmates remain patient and encouraging. Far better than pumping iron to a thumping beat!!

Barry: I started into Pilates maybe 10 years ago at a lunchtime gym session and gained real benefits of mobility and relief from a back injury acquired years earlier. I was so taken with Pilates that I qualified as a Matwork Instructor with Stott Pilates, mainly to further my knowledge although I still teach a couple of classes per week.In due course I discovered PATS Pilates offering equipment classes. With Emma and more recently Anna, I have discovered and benefited so much from their remarkably insightful tuition. This consistent quality is the key to the whole experience. Bob and I as the 2 males present, groan our way through our Tuesday sessions but always feel great for having done it.

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