"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

August 2014

Published on: 01/08/14

I had a back operation in 2009. Unfortunately I ended up back in surgery having an epidural end of 2012. A friend suggested PATS Pilates so I thought I would take a proactive approach to my underlying back issue. I started with a couple of private sessions with Pat (which we spent most of the time laughing whilst Pat put me in all sorts of positions and removing any shred of dignity I had left) and her passion and knowledge gave me the confidence to join a group class. Kerry is a fantastic instructor and I attend with the best group of the week, the Wednesday night gang!

I have a gorgeous wife and I am a devoted family man whose only wish is to have a back strong enough to take an active part in playing with my children. I have gone from not being able to hold them to now being able to fling myself around in the garden playing football, teaching my son golf and giving my baby girl piggy back rides when pretending to be her horse! This has been down to Kerry, the team and fellow class mates. My attendance record for other courses historically has been at the shallow end of the gene pool at best, but Kerry creates a fun, easy going, yet structured and informative atmosphere that keeps me going back each week.

PATS Pilates have given me precious moments with my kids and I look forward to many more...

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