"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

June 2015

Published on: 01/06/15

So I am coming up to my one year anniversary attending PATS Pilates and although I noticed a significant improvement in my back pain it was also so nice to hear Emma's words last week noticing the progress in my increased range of movement after not seeing her for many months. I guess many years of football and the lack of warming up/down lead me to a pair of very tight hamstrings, a poor range of movement and the stereotypical male lack of coordination! So first with Ruel's classes, and more recently with Helen's classes I have improved my posture, increased my flexibility (still embarrassingly poor for a man in his mid-30s!), strengthened my core and re-educated myself on how to breathe properly. 

I enjoy the fun, relaxed and educational classes, with knowledgeable and friendly instructors and I am always telling my mates that they need to get over their pre-conceived ideas of Pilates classes and take the plunge. Whether they do or not is up to them but I know that I will keep coming, always willing to learn new movements and exercises and always intrigued with a different instructors interpretation of Pilates. I do like the idea of changing classes every 6 months so may look to sample another instructor and class soon. 

To summarize, I would encourage anyone to attend one of the classes at PATS Pilates irrelevant of any injuries or not as the difference you will see in the quality of your life is instant.

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