"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

November 2014

Published on: 01/11/14

I have always been interested in Pilates and use to attend classes at my local gym which had a minimum of at least 15/20 people. The main reason for this was due to a skiing accident, which left me with prolonged spells of pain in my lower back and hip over the last 25 years. I was recommended by a friend to attend PATS Pilates which I did back in 2006. I was amazed by the small classes and the individual attention and advice the instructors would give at my sessions. I even have fond memories of Stuart putting us all through our paces!! It has been the one and only class that I have attended regularly ever since without fail. PATS Pilates has allowed me to keep mobile and has helped to lessen the extreme pain I use to experience. I enjoy my weekly classes, as we work in small groups, I’ve made friends, and every month we work on different parts of our body which has given me more body awareness. In the last 18 months I have had further problems my foot and knee, and whereas doctors and the hospitals have failed to diagnose my pain, Pat has worked with me in one to one sessions. I now attend ‘Pat’s special Monday class’ working with equipment, helping me to deal with my specific problems. Over the last few months the changes and progress have been great and I now walk with a new found confidence. I would like to thank Pat and her team for all their help over the years.

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