"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

November 2015

Published on: 01/11/15

I started at PATS Pilates nearly two years ago following issues with my neck and right shoulder. Investigative scans into these areas and my mid spine showed that, although there was nothing majorly wrong, years of playing rugby, riding horses and generally not looking after my back and body properly had taken its toll. To be told by the doctor that I’ve got the wear and tear they would expect to see in someone in their sixties was a bit of a wake-up call, being 30 at the time! I have to admit that I was initially a bit dubious about Pilates having never done it, or really heard of it before! However after some coercion on the part of my Mother and Girlfriend, I booked my first one to one session to see what it was all about! Since that first session I haven’t looked back, after an initial four one to ones, I went on to enrol on the six weeks beginners class and have been attending regular sessions ever since. I never realised that such small and controlled movements could have such an impact! Since attending regularly I’ve noticed significant improvement in my core strength, which has improved my overall wellbeing, plus it has made a significant and positive difference when riding my horses.Alongside improving my core strength Pilates has helped my overall fitness, certainly helping me in completing a number of obstacle races, an 11 mile Tough Mudder and a 22.5 mile race over Mt. Snowdon called Man Vs Mountain!I’d just like to say thank you to Emma, Pat and the team for introducing me to Pilates and their continued great work.

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