"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

May 2016

Published on: 05/05/16

Kirsty: I started coming to PATS Pilates about 10 years ago. I’d had years of neck problems after a riding injury as a teenager, then during my thirties I had two rather large babies, which didn’t do much for my pelvis and lower back! A friend recommended the studio and I started coming along to one of Pat’s classes. At that time Helen was a member of the class. It didn’t take many weeks to notice the difference in my body and I became hooked on the good feeling it gave me, especially the improvement in strength and flexibility. Eventually Emma S took over the class for a few years and then Helen decided to train to be an instructor so, by the time Emma left, Helen took over as our instructor. Caroline and I love her classes, she’s a great instructor and we’ve always been quite a chatty, giggly class but she makes sure we work hard! I can’t imagine giving up my Pilates classes, I notice the difference even if I miss just one week.

Caroline: About 8 years ago, I pulled my back whilst leaning over to pick something up. I spent 2 days, unable to move, on the sofa – not a pleasant experience. When I eventually managed to get to the doctors they referred me to a physiotherapist, who suggested Pilates to help me strengthen my lower back. As I knew a friend of mine, Kirsty, already attended a Pilates class, I asked if I could tag along...

I joined the 8.30 class on a Tuesday evening. Then run by Emma S, Helen was just a fellow pupil at the time, and I enjoyed the camaraderie, and the exercise, immediately. Over those first few months I felt my back strengthen, and I learned to take notice of my body and all the other areas that I hadn’t even realised needed attention!

A few years ago Helen trained to become a qualified instructor, and took over our class when Emma left. She runs a fun, but tough, group, and has become an excellent tutor whilst also letting us enjoy ourselves a little!

I thoroughly enjoy the focus and attention to detail that Pilates has taught me, and am pleased to say I have never had a problem with my back since I started – thanks Pat for running such a successful business, and thanks to the whole 8.30 group for making our class so enjoyable.

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