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"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

December 2018

Published on: 29/11/18


I’ve been coming to PATS PILATES for (I think) nearly 15 years. Certainly longer than I care to remember.When I started I didn’t even know what Pilates was - it just seemed a good idea at the time!

Over those years I have had many excellent teachers, but my constants have been Pat and Emma - through ups and downs for all of us, including watching Emma grow into a lovely confident woman and how can I ever forget learning yoga with Pat!!

Personally Pilates has given me confidence in my own body strength and the flexibility to come back to reasonable fitness after two hip operations in a year - and at 74 that’s not bad going!

Coming to my classes over the years has given me friendships and support through our shared activity and knowing that although our bodies are getting a bit creaky we can still enjoy our Pilates and have fun. My late husband Ron joined a class aged 80 and was welcomed and enjoyed it - even wishing he had started earlier. So I would encourage anyone to have a go and enjoy the feeling of wellbeing - you will be well looked after at PATS.

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