"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

Published on: 13/11/19


Emma is an inspirational, energetic and experienced fully qualified Pilates instructor, with a huge amount of teaching experience spanning more than 12 years. Emma enjoys teaching a wide variety of clients, in group and small group sessions and focusing on an individual’s specific goals in one to one sessions.

As well as teaching Emma is the manager at PATS PILATES, Emma loves the dual aspect of her role.

Emma’s journey so far: As a child Emma was a dedicated athlete and dancer, growing up in a family steeped in dance, fitness and Pilates. Emma has always been interested in movement and exercise. Emma sustained an injury in her teens and was referred to Pilates where her interest and passion for the method started. As well as teaching a broad range of classes Emma specialises in teaching rehabilitation Pilates and is passionate about working with clients to focus on their goals and celebrating their success when they achieve the results they have worked hard for.

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