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BWY IST Day Exploring the Energy Body and Self Inquiry Billy Doyle - Sunday 14 May

Published on: 12/01/17

I'm delighted that Billy Doyle will be our guest teacher for the British Wheel of Yoga IST Day

The topic is Exploring the Energy Body and Self Inquiry.

10.00am - 4.00pm, Sunday 14 May 2017.

Venue Old Stratford Community Hall, Deanshanger Road, Milton Keynes MK19 6NL.

To all Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors who wish to deepen their experience.

This informative day will help you: 

  • To discover how to listen to your body and experience it moment to moment the energy and space and also how to maintain it through posture work and pranayama.
  • Experiencing  the difference between spontaneous breathing and when there is manipulation. Allowing the space between breaths.
  • Exploring the question: What is our real nature? Who am I?
  • To come to an understanding, a perspective, of what is our real nature.

About Billy Doyle and his approach to yoga.

Billy Doyle teaches yoga in the Kashmir Tradition which was brought to the West by Jean Klein. This approach emphasizes working with the energy body. Through a letting go and listening without anticipation we allow the body sensation to unfold. We discover in the process, our real body to be light, transparent and expanded in space. In our practice we avoid all mechanical movement and end-gaining, but live moment to moment in the sensation. Practising yoga in this way has a completely different quality. Old patterns melt away and we are open to deeper dimensions of ourselves. Yoga brings us to know ourselves in silence.

Billy Doyle worked with Jean Klein for many years. Billy teaches in London and runs retreats in UK and abroad. He is author of ‘The Mirage of Separation’, a poetic book on non-duality and his new book, ‘Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: The Art of Listening’ was published in 2014. These books are available from Billy or through Non-Duality Press.

Further details on his website:www.billydoyle.comm

Please bring your mat and props to support you.

CPD points 7.5

Workshop fee: BWY Member £35

Workshop fee: Non BWY Member £45

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