"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 01/02/18


I am an enthusiastic advocate for Pilates.

About nine years ago I both retired and re-located to the area. In the last few years of my professional life, I had allowed myself to be ‘too busy’ for much of an exercise regime and one of my priorities was to re-engage.

I searched on line for specialised Pilates sessions and was fortunate enough to discover PATS PILATES and emailed an enquiry. Very quickly I enrolled on an introductory course and have been enjoying Pilates (and some Yoga) at PATS PILATES ever since.

My initial goal was to regain some of the fitness I had lost and to maintain as much functionality as I could to enjoy my other interests of walking, travelling, natural history, conservation volunteering, gardening and photography.

PATS PILATES has provided me with loads of motivation and a personalised journey that has helped me really understand the principles of Pilates in relation to my own body. I love the educative way in which things are explained, interest is maintained through the monthly focus, and adaptations and corrections are made in classes to suit the individual.

My regular weekly classes are enjoyable and beneficial and hate to miss them when I have something else to do. A year ago I decided to do a monthly 1:1, which has augmented the benefits Pilates has given me. I had Polio as a child, which left me with some minor imbalances in skeletal structure.

The 1:1s, and the use of the reformer, and excellent tutoring have helped me progressively improve the way in which I accommodate this and reduce any potential strain issues. I have also had a lot of fun with fabulous company on Pilates in the Sun holidays.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me at PATS PILATES, it has been a first class experience over the last nine years, and I am so pleased I found you.

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