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Getting Motivated

Published on: 23/08/19

Getting Motivated

Do you feel like you are lacking in motivation? That your regular Pilates routine has gone out of the window during the summer holidays and you are worried about how to get back into your practice.

Feeling demotivated happens to the best of us, there are many factors which affect our attitudes towards exercise:

  • Busy lifestyles – not finding time to exercise
  • Change of seasons – summer holidays and festive periods tend to mean our social calendar goes into over drive. This results in our routines being disturbed.
  • Dislike exercise
  • Mindset – limiting your belief that you can do it
  • Lack of confidence – stepping out your comfort-zone can be daunting

Don’t be too hard on yourself, recognising that you want or need to start exercising is step one. Once you have joined a Pilates class and start working towards your goals you’ll feel a sense of achievement which in turn makes you feel more motivated to continue.

As Joe Wicks would say ‘action leads to motivation and that leads to more motivation’.

So how can you pressing the reset button, focus your mindset and take action?

Set yourself a goal, what is it you want to achieve? Most enquiries we receive at PATS PILATES are for clients who want to be pain-free, improve their posture, increase their core strengthen and to generally feel good.

Booking into a weekly Pilates class can help to ignite your motivation. Exercising with like-minded people can feel like a supportive environment to be in, the instructor will give you guidance, education you on your bodies needs and will bring a sense of fun to the class, making you feel more energised and motivated towards your goals.

When we set homework for our clients some prefer a 30 minute Pilates home programme to work on throughout the week, for others this isn’t realistic therefore the Pilates exercises we set can be tailored to your lifestyle in order for you to increase body awareness throughout the day without having to carve out 30 minutes from your schedule.

So, no more excuses, don’t wait until summer is over or for 2020 to arrive contact PATS PILATES today and join our new Pilates Beginner Course suitable for newbies and those returning to exercise. Or, book in for a consultation where we can discuss in more details your aims and goals.

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