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Getting Off the Grid

Published on: 21/06/18

Getting Off the Grid

With the likes of Simon Cowell and Ed Sheeran ditching their mobile phones should we all be thinking about going phone-free?!

Technology has developed vastly in the last decade, nowadays most households own a computer, tablet and mobile phone even my 6 year old cousin has her own iPhone.

My mobile isn’t just a device that I can call and text from, it is a clock, camera, satnav, controls my home automation, streams tv programmes & films, plays music, broadcasts the news, it helps to keep me connected to the world through social media and emails, I can shop, pay in shops & restaurants with it, play games, track my health statistics and can do banking. There are many more features that this small handheld device can do which can be helpful and equally distracting.

Do you feel like you are being controlled by your phone, that constant need to check for notifications, the habit of scrolling through social media, have we started to become dependent on these devices…? Is it now time to switch off, become free and start living life. It has become too easy to pull out your phone over dinner with family or friends to check for notifications or take that important photo of your food for Instagram but is this affecting our social skills? Are we are losing the art of communication? I have a rule of ‘no phones at the table’ as it is important to give each other respect when talking and ensure that we spend quality time with each other. When I was younger my brothers and I used to play outdoors, make dens and use our imaginations for games. We used to sit down as a family for dinner and go out for bike rides. Nowadays it seems children are stuck to their tablets and phones instead of playing outdoors – instant entertainment. Are children these days being exposed to too much too soon instead of living their childhood?

The constant demands of your phone; someone trying to contact you, social media acceptance or a broken screen has a huge effect on your mental health.

My recent digital-detox experience

As I mentioned in my previous Thailand blogs, I spent a week on a Yoga retreat in the jungle and was ‘forced’ to have a digital-detox. Initially I was anxious about being cut-off from the world but in reality it was wonderful experience giving me a break from the demands of my phone and allowing me to make the most of my time in the magical surroundings. Instead of hearing my phone ring I was listening to the sounds of the jungle, instead of texting I was making conversations with fellow guests and instead of looking/watching other peoples’ journeys of Facebook & Instagram I was having my own experiences and making my own memories.

The Smart Phone Slump

At PATS PILATES we have seen a change in your postures too, this generation is developing the ‘iHunch’ where your upper body is hunching forwards, known as Kyphosis (extreme curvature of the thoracic spine). More clients are experiencing neck issues and RSI (repetitive strain injury) in fingers and wrists.

If you are concerned about your posture then Pilates can help to re-align your spine and strengthen the supporting muscles to maintain good posture. Before joining a class at PATS PILATES we always start with a consultation, this gives us an opportunity to check your alignment, movement and health in order for the instructors to provide suitable and effective guidance for you in class. To book your consultation contact us here

Maybe it is a bit extreme to jump on this celeb bandwagon and go without your phone but we need to rethink and make conscious decisions on what effect it has on our lifestyle and reduce the amount of time spent on our devices.

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