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Healthy Bones, Healthy You

Published on: 31/05/19

Healthy Bones, Healthy You

Weight-bearing exercises are important for people of all ages to maintain a healthy body; from building bone strength as a baby, supporting the skeletal growth as a teenager, to reducing bone loss in older age. It is important that weight-bearing exercises are incorporated into your weekly exercise programme.

PATS Aims:

This month at PATS PILATES we are focusing on promoting healthier bones, the Pilates classes throughout June will concentrate on improving bone density in a low-impact way. This is ideal for those diagnosed with Osteoporosis, fragile/broken bones or at higher risk of fractures. The Pilates programmes will help to reduce risk of falls, fractures, improve balance, strength, stamina and reduce pain.

Weight-bearing exercises force you to work against gravity, your bones will react to the weight on them by building up and getting stronger. The muscles around the bones will get stronger as a result creating more support for your structure; spine and joints.

For those with Osteoporosis and low bone density there maybe some positions that will require modification to be more comfortable on your joints, your instructor will provide guidance during your class.

Pilates exercises can help people with weakened bones by:

  • Increasing bone density when body parts move against the force of gravity
  • Increasing strength and muscle mass, which in turn help to support the bones
  • Improving balance, which can help prevent falls that might result in a bone fracture
  • Improving range of motion and posture, which can help keep the bones in alignment and prevent painful pinched nerves and muscle spasms in the back

Exercises that work the back, shoulders, legs, and hips are the most beneficial for people with osteoporosis.

Pilates Studio Equipment

The Pilates Reformer and studio equipment were designed to rehabilitate injuries and are ideal for increasing bone density and muscle strength. The Pilates Reformer allows you to work on controlled movements horizontally with resistance rather than your own body weight which is ideal for those requiring more support. For more information about how the Pilates Studio Equipment can help you contact us at PATS PILATES.

Of course exercise is only one factor of maintaining healthy bones. For overall health and fitness a balanced diet and regular intake of vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin D will help.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat this month!

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