"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 05/01/17


I grew up training and competitively dancing. My mom was a great role model and I remember watching her teach group fitness classes such as step aerobics. I in turn followed her foot steps after ending my dance career near my 20's I followed my 2 greatest passions which were HAIR and FITNESS. I became a qualified hair dresser and qualified spin instructor. I loved both and found I could fit them both in my life. With time I noticed although I loved doing hair, leaning over clients was making my back sore a lot. I watched my mom endure major back surgery as a result of (I believe) years of pounding while teaching fitness classes. That is when I decided I needed to work on prevention as I didn't want this happening to me. It just so happened the local gym I was teaching at had started a new class called "Reformers". This was back in the year 2000 and at this point hasn't heard much about them. Needless to say I was instantly hooked and have continuously done classes for 16 between having 3 children and growing my hair dressing business in the States. I love Pilates Reformers and have converted many close family members and friends whom still do it and enjoy the benefits of Pilates. Thank you PATS PILATES for nominating me as client of the month. You have been wonderful and I thoroughly look forward to coming to class each week!

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