"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 05/01/18


2 Years ago in February I attended my first PATS PILATES consultation and I have never looked back.

Back then most of my life was consumed with mechanical sacroiliac back pain. Every part of my life was affected, I couldn’t play with my children, enjoy long walks or even put sock on without being in agonising pain.

At first when I joined PATS I struggled with most of the movements that involved bending or stretching from the waist down or legs up.

Slowly however I have learned how to bend using specific Pilates techniques using the correct set of muscles that minimise the impact on my lower back.

I can put my shoes on without pain and with a flexibility I had forgotten I had ever had.

Pilates has transformed my life (sounds dramatic I know but it truly has).

The small class sizes have meant I have been given 1:1 time to ensure I am engaging the correct muscles for each exercise maximising my progress. Using this core strength I can now lift– and bend – put on my shoes and socks with ease, play with my children, enjoy a hill walk or do the garden.

Pilates has also re-shaped my body, making it firmer and stronger from top to bottom.

If there is one thing I could change it would be that I had started Pilates 20 years ago.

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