"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

JULY 2018

Published on: 01/07/18


My name is Julie. I’m so proud to have achieved client of the month, a lovely surprise in my birthday month.

10 years ago I became unwell and after several years of fruitless GP appointments a physiotherapist diagnosed me as being hypermobile.

Research led me to and my local coordinator advised I see an EDS specialist at the hyper mobility clinic at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. I was diagnosed with Hypermobilty Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

It’s taken a few years to start to become well again. Pilates has been a massive step towards recovery. HEds is classed as a rare disease however it isn’t rare it’s just underdiagnosed. Thankfully awareness is growing. It isn’t a curable condition but I’ve spent the last 2 years learning how to self manage. As HEds is affects collagen and leads to stretchy skin, tendons and ligaments Pilates is the perfect exercise for me.

Pat has worked with me in 1-1 sessions to help awaken muscles and begin to strengthen my core and spine whilst working on my posture. The results have been incredible. I’ve found Pilates easy to incorporate into my daily routine and use my gym ball daily.

My mobility and stamina has improved massively. I’m down a dress size and my confidence and balance is back. I’m now finally fit enough to begin mat classes.

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