"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

JULY 2017

Published on: 12/07/17

Brian is our Client of the Month - July 2017

My initial encounter with Pilates was nearly a decade ago. Despite a modest fitness regime, my 68 year old body was an amalgam of bits which were increasingly irksome to enliven and more than ready to complain.

Pilates has been and continues to be a voyage into discovery, communication and determination.

First - understanding the identity and location of the bits that had to be communicated with.

Second – learning how to stimulate and communicate with them.

Third - maintaining faith and contact with the new found respondents despite the abuses of screen gazing, motorway mileage, aircraft seats and the challenges of recovery from accident and surgery.

I’m still up and nearly running and looking for more.

My enduring thanks to Pat and her professional team for cheery forbearance at every turn.

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