"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

JUNE 2016

Published on: 01/06/16

Louisa: Having episodic arthritis in my hips and a very restrictive SI joint due to having had two bad horse riding accidents, I was hoping Pilates would help with my flexibility. Having regular chiropractic and acupuncture treatments (3 times per month, at one point), I am pleased to say that I haven’t seen the chiropractor for over a year and my acupuncture is now on a 6 - 8 weeks’ basis! I’m able to ride both my horses on a daily basis without pain or discomfort and my overall flexibility is so much better. Being able to ‘out plank’ my friend’s 20 year old son who is a fitness freak, was one of my defining moments when I was singing the praises of Pilates! Ruel takes Pilates to another level and I always feel like I’ve had a good overall workout. Everyone in the class is friendly and even though we all work hard, he ensures we have a laugh at the same time.

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