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Learn Something New Everyday

Published on: 14/12/18

Learn Something New Everyday

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things" Joseph Pilates

We’ve all heard that good old saying; you learn something new everyday. Well, for the most part this is probably true, that we do learn new things as each day passes but how often do you consciously challenge yourself to learn a new skill?

Living busy and hectic lifestyles makes it difficult for us to take time to learn new things and try something new but we could really be missing out personally and professionally. There are huge benefits from learning new things:

Importance of Learning

When we succeed in learning something we feel better, more confident in ourselves and our ability to tackle all sorts of new tasks. Knowledge is power. One of the most crucial reasons to learn something new is that you gain power when you do.

Keeping the Brain Fed

Learning is important because it keeps your brain active and open.

The white matter in your brain is called myelin, and it helps improve performance on a number of tasks. The more people practice a new skill they are learning, the denser the myelin in the brains becomes, which improves the capacity to learn faster over time. This makes learning new things quicker and easier, saving time, energy and stress.

Challenging Yourself

Personal development, by learning a new skill you will grow as a person. Stepping out of your comfort-zone and pushing yourself to achieve what you’d set out will give you a great sense of accomplishment and boost your self-esteem.

New Opportunities

Learning something new gives you access to new and different opportunities. Often giving you a chance to have new, exciting experiences and improve the confidence in your ability to tackle a new task.

Money Talks

You could potentially earn more money at work by developing and enhancing your knowledge in your field. In this ever-changing world it is essential to stay up to date. If we stop learning things, we can stagnate and actually move backwards, especially in our professional lives.

You’ll rejuvenate your working life and get so much more from it.


Trying something different means you often meet new people, some of whom will have similar interests to you. You could end up making new friends and really enhance your social or work life.

Reduce Stress

A new hobby can be a great stress reliever. It helps to break out of our normal patterns of behaviour, giving our brains something else to concentrate on other that our usual worries – therefore improving your mental health.


Learning should be fun! To learn something new is exciting; the world is full of fascinating skills and talents. And the process of discovering them, not just the end result, is enjoyable and rewarding.

The Pilates Advanced Training School is a great example of all the above.

We have many students enquire about the Pilates Instructor course having been passionate about the method as a participant. Most students have similar anxieties about starting the course and learning something new often because they haven’t been in the learning environment for a number of years and they are stepping out of their comfort-zone.

Students soon realise that the lesson plans are designed to support each phase of learning enabling them to develop and refine their skills as a Pilates Instructor, build their confidence and whilst having fun with the support of other like-minded students.

If you are passionate about Pilates, thinking about a change of career or want to up-skill and learn something new then our YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates might be the course for you.

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