"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

MARCH 2017

Published on: 13/03/17


Pilates – what’s that all about then…. ??

Having been a long-time family friend and then helping Pat to get her brand new studio ready for launch answered my question. Of course I knew what Pat did as a job but I didn’t think I would get drawn into it at any time soon! However, I immediately joined the Tuesday 4.30pm class and haven’t looked back.

At the time, I had left shoulder problems due to the repetitive actions I was doing in my administration job. Weekly attendance and doing extra exercising during the week got this sorted out. I moved to a more active employment with a charity and “my little lie down for an hour” caused jealousy with my work colleagues and talking about Pilates encouraged some of them to join Pat’s Studio.

Over the past 16 years, the Tuesday 4.30 class has seen several tutors – all trained by PATS (Pilates Advanced Training School.
I have also been privileged to have been a “body” for many during their training and then attend the dummy class as they take their exams and see them take their first steps into the world of Pilates and know that they have trained under a school of excellence!

I love my weekly session – it is mind concentrating and relaxing; learning and understanding how to activate the internal muscles and not necessarily making a great show of activity or movement and I am absolutely sure that I am fitter now than I would have been, if I had not engaged in Pilates.

Unfortunately, I am back at a sedentary job again and so my “little lie downs” are very valued.

Long Live Pilates……and remember the mantra: "pull up and pull in – and don’t forget to breathe!"

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