"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

New experiences - my first! There is a first time for everything!

Published on: 13/03/17

New experiences - my first!

There is a first time for everything!

Hi I'm Pat, Pilates instructor, Pilates tutor, Yoga teacher, owner of PATS PILATES Studios and Pilates Advanced Training School.

I love my family and adore my friends, moving well, talking, sharing ideas, exchanging info, new experiences, travel, adventures, trying new foods, the unknown and being part of everything that life has to offer.

This is my first news update/blog and I am feeling very excited!

Already it is 10 weeks into 2017 and I want to share with you the most up to date news that has happened.

First time as a model - In January I was asked by Selfridges to be part of their Mother’s Day campaign. The photo shoot was an amazing day. One of the best bits was experiencing that life adds in a surprise when you least expect it - meeting new people for the first time from all walks of life, who have so much to say about their interesting and diverse life experiences so far!

It’s feels rather strange and yet a pleasant surprise to see images of me in Selfridges flagship store, their regionally branches and also in the Citizen MK newspaper.

Who knows where this may lead? 😂

In February it was my first time teaching the Pelvic Floor Rehab workshop. It was an insightful and interesting day, which included lots of amusement when the pelvic floors muscles were stimulated!!!

This month's goals at PATS PILATES is to 'pull up, pull in and don't forget to breathe.'

We are only halfway through March and so much is happening at PATS PILATES.

We are welcoming new clients, new Pilates instructors to the team and new classes. Our new clients who have taken their first steps moving the Pilates way are an inspiration! Today we received a new client's first feedback and she is amazed at the impact of ‘pulling up and pulling in’ has already had on her body.

l can't wait to share our exciting news/event/stories next month. Watch this space! 😀

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