"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 30/09/16


I am very happy to be voted client of the month at PATs Pilates and would like to thank Leigh for all her hard work and helping me with my leg and hip problems.

I needed to go to hospital nearly every winter since I was 2 years old to have a hip and leg X-ray! Because I suffered such bad pains and I sometimes couldn't walk for up to 3 days which as a crazy active boy I hated having to sit still and rest!

As I grew my pains got worse and I had to stop doing some of my sports because of it - which sucked! But when I started Pilates I started becoming even more awesome in my fitness (and in every way) than I already was!

The GP has told me to go to the children's physio and she has seen a massive improvement in my flexibility, range of movement and strength so I love that Leigh keeps offering her fun classes to us kids.

You should see me on the monkey bars now! I rule the park - boom!

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