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01908 322 722

"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 01/10/18


I have been attending PATS weekly Back Care Pilates class for nearly 2 years after having trouble with my back on and off for years, most likely due to the years when I was training to be a nurse when you were expected to lift, carry and catch patients.

I have been a gym member for many years and still enjoy a variety of classes, plus I took up golf a few years back so I could join in with my husband and sons.

Hence, I considered myself to be fairly strong and fit. However, PATS PILATES has taught me so much and still does every session. I smile to myself sometimes during the class because just when I think that I am doing everything well then along comes Pat and gently tweaks me to get a little more stretch or flex.

I find that I float out of each class feeling stronger, lighter, straighter and taller (not that I want to be any taller I will add though).

I try to take all that I’ve learnt about posture and correct techniques and apply then to my daily life. I have a good routine to get up and out of bed in the morning as previously that first half hour of the day was when my back was most likely to be a problem.

Thank you to all at PATS for giving me my confidence back in my body and I hope I can continue to attend these amazing and fun sessions.

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