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PATS PILATES Mission Statement

Published on: 01/02/19

PATS PILATES Mission Statement – To empower people to move with freedom

Joseph Pilates left his footprints so others can follow.

He designed a corrective system of exercising that revolutionised the entire field of physical education.

‘Only through the attainment of perfect balance of mind and body can one appreciate what really constitutes normal health’. The Complete Writings of Joseph H Pilates - Your Health, Return to Life through Contrology.

Imagine how much we could enjoy life to its fullest if we were mobile, strong, flexible, agile and powerful with a body that can endure with balance day-to-day living.

Modern day living is a challenge particularly for our bodies, mind and breath.

How often are you aware that your movements restrict you from a simple task or your mind is busy and exhausted with all the colourful and engaging stimuli including tablets, mobiles etc.?

Do you ever stop to think about your breath? Often the breath matches the pace of life – quick and shallow breaths!

  • It’s OK not to be OK – is it? Pain, discomfort and release go hand in hand on a regular basis throughout our lives.
  • Your need – what do you need to have, a body that moves with freedom and ease?
  • Fuel your passion – How can you regain the passion of living in your body?
  • It’s not enough to ask yourself what you think you should do but what you actually will do and why.
  • Acknowledge the success and failures, from failing we learn the most. The body can easily slip back into old patterns of behaviour. However, when you understand and experience what it feels like to be in your optimal alignment and pain free, the body will acknowledge the difference between the old way of being against the new way of moving. In time it will remember where it’s centre of gravity is.
  • Do you focus more on how your body is not moving, more than how it should move?

What is empowerment?

Give someone the authority or power to do something.

Make someone stronger and more confident.

To encourage and support the ability to do something.

We at PATS PILATES provide the skills and tools to support those who embark on the Pilates method. This leads to enabling you to be in control of your body and truly reap the benefits of Pilates.

  • Improved posture
  • Aid in improving breath irregularity
  • Develop core strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase body and mind awareness
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost stamina
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Move efficiently
  • Assist in recovery from an injury

‘Contrology (Pilates) is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play and in the way you work. You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance, ability to perform arduous duties, to play strenuous games, to walk, run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain.’ The Joseph H Pilates Archive Collection

The secret of healthy functional movement is to fully engage your mind, body and breath and this will empower and liberate you. Be consistent in:

  • What body part are you moving?
  • What body parts are stabilising you, whilst you move?
  • How are you moving?
  • Do you require support whilst you move?
  • Where are you moving to and from?
  • Why are you moving and is it safe and effective to move?

Sometimes you know what, how and why you are moving and yet the body is unable to move in the way you want it too, if at all!

  • Be patient, change takes time.
  • Motivation and inspiration are key to improving posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieving stress and tension.
  • ‘Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour.’ Joseph Pilates
  • Allow yourself to be a beginner.
  • The more you do the more you can.
  • It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.
  • It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest YOU.

We at PATS PILATES are dedicated to continuing the works of Joseph Pilates and use up-to-date research so that safe and effective practice will be taught.

We are committed to achieving a welcoming and supportive environment for all clients. Our teaching standards are of the highest quality. Our Pilates classes are small so that we can provide individual help to achieve your goals. We have established a reputation for excellence which is recognised by the medical profession, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals.

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