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Pilates & Yoga for your Back

Published on: 28/02/18

Pilates & Yoga for your Back

Sunday 30 September 10am – 4.30pm

Pat and Emma will help you to discover ways of soothing your back discomfort, assist you in releasing tight muscles in your back, help you to discover how to alleviate back discomfort using the Pilates method and Yoga poses and sequences.

Pat and Emma look forward to leading the following sessions:

Pilates Alignment session - while ideal posture will vary somewhat from person to person, the basic principles of ideal posture remain the same. This Pilates session will a help you access your core strength and improve the way you stand and use your body.

Backcare Pilates session –Discover safe and effective ways of moving your spine and joints.

Backcare Clinic - Forum to discuss living with Back discomfort/pain.

Yoga Backcare practice – poses to release tension..

In between practice there will be plenty of time to enjoy the comforts of the house or explore the lovely grounds and natural beauty of Tofte Manor.
By the end of the day we hope that your back is stretched, a little more flexible and feels stable and stronger.

The day retreat fee is £125 (includes lunch and refreshments)

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