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Pilates for Men

Published on: 06/09/18

Pilates for Men

A very common question ‘is Pilates suitable for men?’

The Pilates Method was created by a man; Joseph Pilates. Joe was a gymnast, boxer and circus performer and though ill-health during his childhood he became very interested in the function of the human anatomy.

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When Joseph Pilates set up his gymnasium in New York City he attracted an elite clientele, originally 60% of the clients were men such as dancers Ted Shawn, Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine and actor Jose Ferrer and author Christopher Isherwood.

Why Pilates Works for Men

Pilates is a great form of exercise for men to help improve their core strength, flexibility, posture, prevent injuries and enhance sports performance.

Efficient movement patterns, uniform muscle development, balance, flexibility and core strength are just some of the effects of Pilates which can be beneficial for men whose workouts emphasize on muscle development such as weight lifting.

Core Strength

Pilates focuses on engaging the centre of the body ‘the powerhouse’ developing core strength in the deep abdominal muscles to help stabilise the truck and protect the back. This type of core training makes Pilates and excellent technique for whole-body fitness as well complimenting other kinds of sports and exercise regimes.

Andy Murray performing the Pilates Ballet Stretches on the Cadillac


Pilates helps to increase flexibility and the overall range of motion in the body. Improving flexibility will significantly enhance performance in other physical activities, as well as daily life and help to reduce the risk of injury.

Mat Pilates exercises use the resistance created by gravity whilst workouts on the large apparatus the springs provide the resistance. Whether it is Mat Pilates or equipment such as the Reformer exercises are performed with control helping to develop long, lean muscles that are more flexible.

Injury Prevention

Pilates was designed to rehabilitate. The slow, deliberate stretching in Pilates targets the smaller muscle groups which are often ignored in weightlifting and other workouts, resulting in weakness that can sometimes lead to injury.

Men will find that Pilates will target stabilising muscles that may not be utilised in their usual workouts.

Pilates provides a more conscious way of moving the body with care, precision and control.

Mind & Body

The Pilates method is good for men as it sharpens the mind whilst strengthening the body. In a world that is so fast-paced and stressful, Pilates is a great way to regain balance and self-care and to maintain good mental health.

Ryan Giggs regularly practiced Pilates & Yoga whilst playing for Man United


Often Pilates is associated with being ‘easy’ due to the low impact nature of the workouts. Pilates is not a fitness regime to be underestimated, it can be physically challenging when taught correctly. The exercises may be subtle but Pilates is a good for men seeking an alternative to heavy weight training or other higher impact fitness regimes.

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