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Pilates in the Modern Day

Published on: 25/01/19

Pilates in the Modern Day

The Western world has evolved immensely in the past 60 years. We are now living in a fast-paced world where technology has developed allowing us to have everything we want at our fingertips from just a click of a button. We are unable to flick a switch and slow down the world as the pace of innovation and globalisation is too fast.

Although we are lucky to be living in a world where we have so much available, it is also causing us to feel overwhelmed because of all the added pressure that comes with modern life.

Stresses from the modern day world are having an impact on our nervous system, affecting our physical, mental and psychological state.


Pressures of Life – nowadays we seem to put the pressure on ourselves to compete with other really challenging the art of multi-tasking; being a good parent, climb the career ladder, travel the world, be artistic, share your interesting life on Instagram, be fit and healthy…the list is endless. We need to remember we’re not Marvel characters and that Superman/Superwoman do not exist. Although it is possible to achieve all the above, why do we feel the need to? Is it because of the rise in social media influencers, showing us all the highs of life? The pressure to be perfect is tiring and if you recognise this then it might be time to make a change before it affects your health and wellbeing.

Pollution – There is a constant source of stimulation around us with air pollution, noise pollution and visual pollution. Some of this pollution is unnecessary and causing our health to suffer as a result. Air pollution is affecting our wellbeing and the noise and visual over-stimulation is affecting our ability to hear ourselves think and preventing us to switch off and relax which may increase our stress levels.

Posture – At PATS PILATES we have seen a change in your postures too. This generation is developing the ‘iHunch’ where your upper body is hunching forwards, known as Kyphosis (extreme curvature of the thoracic spine). More clients are experiencing neck issues and RSI (repetitive strain injury) in fingers and wrists.


Constantly Connected – Technology has allowed us to become connected with the world, we can now speak and see what others are doing on the other side of the globe. It also has its downsides as we tend to be over-stimulated and reliant on our devices (read our blog Getting Off The Grid). Checking work emails after hours, scrolling through social media and the temptation of online shopping all add excess pressure to our already busy lifestyles. Could you have a digital detox?

Lack of Focus – Due to our busy lives many people find it hard to prioritise, making you feel as though you are being pulled in multiple directions. This can result in feeling a lack of achievement or accomplishment and this, together with a heightened workload = burnout. I am a great believer in making lists, I write lists on a weekly basis for food shopping, what I want to achieve that week, what I need to remember etc. It really helps me to remain focused, evaluate what’s important to prioritise and accomplish my goals – plus that satisfaction of crossing out my ‘to do’s’ is a bonus!


Poor Stress Relief Mechanisms – stress is inevitable in this modern life, so we need to learn how to manage it. Lack of sleep due to an overactive mind will result in tiredness sending us straight to our favourite coffee chain or consume fast food and alcohol. This has a huge impact on your health. We seem to be time-poor, therefore making all the excuses not to find time to take care of ourselves in order to control stress relief and improve our wellbeing.

How to Cope in 2019

  • Manage your own expectations – create some breathing space and be realistic with what you can and want to achieve in life. Avoid the pressure of trying to be what you think those around you want you to be.
  • Unplug from your devices occasionally! Enjoy being in the moment, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.
  • Improve you coping skills – make time for YOU. Whether that’s taking the time to read a book, listen to music or join a new class/hobby like Pilates.

How Pilates can Help

There are many benefits of Pilates which will have an impact on improving your lifestyle and wellbeing:

  • Lower stress – using breathing techniques
  • Improve posture – good alignment is key to alleviating/preventing aches and pains.
  • Improve your focus – concentration is one of the 8 Principles of Pilates, it’ll hep you to live in the moment.
  • Increase body awareness – helping you to take care of your body, preventing injuries.

We often forget to make ourselves a priority, if you are feeling stressed and looking for ways to cope contact us at PATS PILATES to book a consultation. This gives us an opportunity to check your alignment, movement and health in order for the instructors to provide suitable and effective guidance for you in class. To book your consultation contact us here

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