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Pilates is SO in, this season

Published on: 24/05/18

Pilates is so in, this season

Hooray summer has finally arrived! We at PATS PILATES have been enjoying the sunshine and warmth from the recent heatwave… long may it continue.

As we exit the hibernation phase of winter (and what a winter it has been thanks to the Beast from the East) we are now entering the summer season which makes us think about being more proactive on feeling fitter and becoming trimmer.

There are a few changes I make at this time of year:

  • I naturally start swapping the comfort winter foods of soups and pies for fresh salads and fish dishes. This energises me and is much cooler to eat in the hot weather.
  • I swop my winter wardrobe for my pretty summery clothes.
  • I get motivated to become more active.

Whether you want to prepare for more outdoor activities such as walking or cycling or just feel toned and confident in your summer wardrobe Pilates is a great method to prepare you for your summer body.

Some of the benefits of Pilates this season:

  • Improve your muscle endurance - the ability to do something over and over for an extended period of time without getting tired. You’ll notice the difference when you can cycle for longer on your bike ride with less muscle fatigue.
  • Increase muscle tone – by reshaping your muscles your body will become more defined and toned, getting you t-shirt ready. Many of the exercises from the Pilates repertoire target your abs, waist, thighs and upper arms.
  • Helps you get motivated – if the thought of exercising, getting hot n sweaty in a gym doesn’t appeal to you then Pilates may interest you. The Pilates Method is a low impact form of exercise that focuses on improving you strength, flexibility and supporting your joints. You are guaranteed to leave the studio feeling lighter and taller as if you are floating…
  • Prevent injuries – if you participate in a sport or just getting involved in more adventurous activities on your holidays, Pilates can help to prevent injuries by strengthening your ‘core’ muscles which help with your balance, strength, power and agility. Supporting the joints of your body with specific Pilates exercises will ensure you have the balance of strength and flexibility for your activity.
  • The feel good factor - exercising releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body; I personally love to start my morning with Pilates as it sets me up for the day.

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