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Published on: 11/12/18

Postural Analysis

Sunday 10 February 10am - 2pm

In this workshop we discuss the theories and physiology behind postural deterioration. From this understanding we can relate the changes in movement to the muscle chains that provide stability whilst producing force. Using our key movement pattern assessments we can identify and understand how the body compensates for the weakness that inevitably leads to dysfunction and postural changes. These key assessments can then form the foundation of a corrective strategy and effective postural exercise prescription.

This hands on workshop will outline the importance of postural analysis in instructing Pilates exercises.

£95 – Limited to 10 places

CPD points 4


Sunday 16 June 10am - 2pm

Osteoporosis is the gradual and silent loss of bone throughout the body. Learn the causes of osteoporosis (and its precursor, osteopenia), how it's diagnosed, who's at risk, how to prevent it and how to address it. Discover the biomechanics of bone loading, why spinal flexion is so potentially dangerous to those with bone loss and how to prevent fractures. Learn bone strengthening protocols and exercises along with balance and posture tools. Expand your knowledge of functional anatomy creative environment.

The workshop is suitable:

* If you have Osteoporosis or want to be reactive in keeping your bones healthy and strong.
* Or a Pilates instructor who would like to understand how to create an effective and safe programme.

£95 – Limited to 10 places

CPD points 4

Joint Pains & Pilates

Sunday 15 September 10am - 2pm

This workshop will look at the function and support of the joints and address some of the issues relating to common joint pain, discovering which exercises can aid in relieving the discomfort or pain.

£95 – Limited to 10 places

CPD points 4


Sunday 10 November 10am - 2pm

This workshop will teach you how the Pilates Method can help to strengthen and lengthen the imbalanced muscles to support the spine. Promoting a healthier back, improved posture and lessened back pain.

£95 – Limited to 10 places

CPD points 4

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