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Preparing for Thailand​

Published on: 08/02/18

Preparing for Thailand

I hope you have read Prequel to my Thailand diary (01 Feb 2018)?

If not here is a quick catch up - Pat and I are taking a step back, deep in a National Park in Thailand, to regain some balance within our lives. No social media no mod cons will be available, no electricity, or hot water, NO SHOPS, 6 hours a day of Yoga studies.

Now, I am getting ready to spend a week in the jungle, some call it a secret paradise that is off the grid.

The retreat is set within the heart of nature, in the middle of a National Park. Our accommodation is floating on a fresh lake - sounds bliss. As I mentioned in my previous blog, we will be living basic in the jungle so we need to pack light. Pat will find this impossible and I will need to check her luggage to make sure that she only packs the essentials. 😀

Temperatures will be high, about 35 degrees during the daytime. I love the heat and will definitely be getting my Vitamin D fix, hopefully we’ll get a cool breeze from the lake especially during our Yoga sessions and studies.

With this in mind I am now thinking about what to pack?! The venue is eco-friendly so all products will need to be natural.

I will be taking the bare minimum but need to source natural soap & shampoo. Of course, I need to take my Yoga equipment; mat, belt, eye bag and block.

Practical items such as a head torch for night time reading and exploring the caves, small backpack, sunhat, walking shoes to hike in the rainforests, swimsuit to swim in the clear fresh lake and active clothing for the Yoga sessions. All of my activewear is suitable for our unpredictable English weather i.e. long leggings and thick jumpers, which means one thing - I need to go shopping! This might be challenging as the shops still have winter clothes on display. I require shorts and vest tops, I love Lululemon but am looking for alternative brands to get my gear from, recently I came across Alo Yoga. One of their mission statement is 'luxury meets performance.' I have to laugh, as this would be the one and only luxury I might take with me into the Jungle.

I plan to pack hand luggage only, do you think this is achievable? A little voice inside my head is saying 'Emma you can do it.'

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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