"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

Prequel for my Thailand diary

Published on: 01/02/18

Life Balance!

Living in the fast lane, is a way of life which is full of activities, visual stimulations, ups and downs, anticipation of arousing interests, enthusiasm, or excitement in something and high and low levels of pressure.

There comes a time when you STOP, look, feel, listen and make steps to regain life's balance.

Emma's story!

Prequel for my Thailand diary

Living in a world that is fast paced 24/7 often leaves us feeling exhausted emotionally and physically. We now have technology which helps us organise our lives, from one device I can control the heating and play music around my house, I can ask ‘Alexa’ a question and record my favourite programmes on TV. We are privileged to have access to so much on demand.

But sometimes we need to take things back to basics. To live and be in the moment.

This January I made a spontaneous decision to join Pat on a Yoga Retreat in Thailand. With 5 weeks to go I am starting to prepare for the adventure.

As a Pilates enthusiast and a Yoga novice I have decided to write a diary on my daily experiences, challenges and hopefully a growing interest in Yoga. Pilates has been my life for 17 years after it helped me recover from a sports injury in my teens. After experiencing first hand the results I became passionate about the Pilates Method and have be teaching for over a decade.

Yoga has never been a practice I have enjoyed nor benefited from for a number of reasons. Firstly I have a mind that races constantly so to be mindful and present in the moment is a struggle for me. Secondly I am hyper-mobile and competitive these two factors have always left me injuring myself in the few classes I have attended - I should practice what I preach; ‘listen to your body’. All this said I feel that I am now ready to go on this Yoga journey and look forward to sharing it with you.

I am nervous, excited and intrigued as to how I will cope with living in a jungle, no electricity, no home comforts and no mobile phone! A digital detox for a week. Could you cope? Would you relish in the fact that you can’t be reached or would you miss scrolling through Instagram and Facebook?

Watch this space - Emma's preparations for Thailand and getting off the grid! Should be a good read. 😉

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