"Pull up, pull in & breathe"


Published on: 01/09/16

Where should I start? I am the sort of person who never exercises and hates the idea of it. I have been sent to physiotherapist on numerous occasions at different times and I always end up discharging myself.

Accepting to try Pilates as my GP suggested was a huge decision. I never thought I would last two weeks but ended up finishing the six weeks beginners course. I opted to stay on the beginners course again and would have repeated that over and over again as I was scared of the unknown. Thanks to Leigh looking out for me and allocating me to this wonderful group that I look forward to practising Pilates every week.

Before starting Pilates lessons I could barely get out of bed without pain killers and climbing up the stairs was a no go area as it exacerbated my back pains. Now I am very pleased to announce that I have been using the stairs whenever possible. The amount of pain killers have been reduced dramatically that some days I go without them.

Thanks again Leigh for being so understanding.

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