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Starting Pilates at PATS

Published on: 30/08/19

Starting Pilates at PATS

Have you been thinking about starting Pilates but not sure where to start?

PATS PILATES have a number of options to suit everyone’s needs.

A consultation is required for anyone new to the studio. This is a 45 minute one to one session where we can discuss your medical history, check your alignment and movement, introduce you to the Pilates Method and advise on suitable options available at PATS PILATES to achieve your aims.

Following the consultation, PATS Pilates can offer:

  • Mat Pilates Class - practicing the Pilates repertoire using the Pilates principles in a group of up to 12 participants.
  • Small Group Pilates Class – a mat based Pilates class in a small group of 6-8 participants.
  • Senior Class - a 60 plus class to improve body balance, posture, strength and flexibility.
  • Mat and Equipment - combining Mat Pilates with the Studio Equipment in small groups to create a full body work out.
  • Pre and Post Natal - a safe, low impact form of exercise which tones and strengthens the back and pelvic floor muscles; the very muscles you will need to support you during and after pregnancy
  • Children’s Pilates - a class suitable for 6-12yo to help build strength around their growing bones and gain body awareness
  • Pilates One to One - to specifically build a programme suitable for your needs to effectively achieve your personal goals
  • Rehabilitation - for those who are pre/post surgery or recovering from an injury
  • 6 Week Beginner Course – suitable for those new to Pilates or returning to exercise. If you have no medical issues, you can join the beginner course without having a consultation prior. The next courses start Sunday 8th September 11.15am & Wednesday 11 September 6pm - click here to book your place

We understand everyone is unique and therefore our timetable offers classes during the daytime, evenings and weekend. Check out our latest timetable here.



All our Pilates classes/sessions are held at PATS PILATES Studio in Milton Keynes. We have 2 studios onsite; Studio 1 is a Mat Pilates studio where most of our classes are held and Studio 2 comprises of the large Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair.

Our classes/sessions are lead by qualified and experienced Level 3 Pilates instructors, trained by Pilates Advanced Training School who view our Studio as their Pilates home.

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