"Pull up, pull in & breathe"

The Good Vibes Only Express

Published on: 30/04/20

This blog from A Month of Somedays Coaching felt very relatable during these unprecedented times.

Be kind to yourself!

The Good Vibes Only Express

So here we all are.

Settling inside our homes within the eye of a storm.

We are all, most likely, shedding layers of previous ignorance & devil-may-care attitudes about COVID-19 quicker than the damn thing can spread.

The nay-sayers, the it will be finers.

I didn’t compute that things could get to this stage & I work in the NHS! So for many of us it really is an overwhelming time.

Which got me thinking about why I had that stance initially & to be honest it was because I like my life high-vibe & positive. I didn’t really pay attention because I didn’t want to bring any negativity into my world. My mistake there, was that now, in the aftermath of such quick & drastic change to daily life, I’ve been left with a kind of negativity hangover.

It’s like all the negative things about corona virus that I avoided paying attention to got me up on the bar in Magaluf, held my head back, pinched my nose & poured peach schnapps down my throat. The last few days I found myself apathetic as hell. Meh meh moping.

& to be honest the constant stream of positivity online was starting to feel like the dirty burger eaten on the way home suddenly deciding to make a reappearance.

Because when you are happily riding along on the good vibes only express & there’s a derailment, you can’t just go skipping onto the replacement bus unscathed. There will be something there within you to honour, not necessarily negative but REAL. Something that just needs a bit of space & time to rise up for release, not squashing back down with a gratitude list.

Don’t get me wrong, gratitude lists are awesome, but right now it can be beneficial to make a list of concerns, so that you can untangle the mess of them from your head & see them clearly & logically. Then go for your gratitude. It will actually stand a chance of embedding if you’ve cleared a space for it.

When you’re feeling quite rightly, down about events, concerned & anxious that your life has no control, it really doesn’t help to by pass those feelings. We can’t just think of positive things as an alternative to investigating what wants to be heard.

The parts of us that want to be held & listened to.

The parts of us that are actually in tune with the current environment.

It is okay to feel the lower energies right now.

It is the reality of the situation.

& that’s the distinction I’ve learned & am still learning to make, between perceived unnecessary negativity & reality.

Even further along that train of thought is the here & now as a negative or positive entity at all. Isn’t the here & now just ‘what is’? Eckhart Tolle is a master of such teachings & his books ‘The Power of Now’ & ‘A New Earth’ are top of my recommended reading during this strange, strange time.

So that’s what I did. I surrendered to my present moment. I didn’t want to go out for a walk, I didn’t want to do home yoga. I didn’t want to read all of the wonderful books I have waiting for me, I didn’t want to do much except produce some content then lay in bed & finally allow all of the worry its moment to wash over me.

I woke up today with a new energy & focus. I gained so much from moping & feeling completely meh. My mind is clearer & inspiration has been surging out of me.

If you take time to inspect the train then put it back on the track its amazing how quickly a normal (ish) service can resume.

Thank you Jade from A Month of Somedays Coaching for this great blog

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