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Welcome Niki to the PATS PILATES Instructor Team πŸ˜€

Published on: 09/11/20

We are delighted to announce our new addition to the PATS PILATES Team - Niki.

Niki will be teaching the 4 Week Online Beginner’s Pilates course. Starts 6.00pm Wednesday 6 January 2021

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My introduction to Pilates came over a decade ago when I discovered that I have Scoliosis, from that I began regular Pilates sessions in order to reduce my discomfort and to understand the alignment of my body better. Over the years I've benefited from the endless rewards that come with practising Pilates. Ensuring I have a healthy and flexible spine is an ongoing goal for my practise.

I’m so enthusiastic about Pilates, I love to practise and learn about it, hence why I decided to become a teacher and gaining my teaching qualifications from PATS. The thorough education I received at PATS ensured I learnt the full Classical mat repertoire of exercises, and also allowed me to gain the knowledge to adapt and modify the exercises for all types of clients.

My goal as an instructor is to share with my clients how Pilates can be beneficial to their body, mind and health. Pilates can be for everyone and I believe in creating welcoming, inclusive and positive experiences for each of my clients. The health and safety of each client is paramount, and I ensure I offer the support and guidance required to provide this, as well as helping them reach their goals. Through my teaching I enjoy sharing the foundational knowledge and key principles of Joseph Pilates work and I'm looking forward to sharing this with the clients at PATS PILATES

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