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Pilates Instructor Workshops

Pilates Advanced Training School (PATS) is dedicated to continue the works of Joseph Pilates. Our workshops aim to build on your existing knowledge and understanding of the Pilates method.

On going studies involve keeping up to date with current research, exercise recommendations, guidance and evolving movement patterns so that safe and effective practice is taught. By enhancing your skills you will continue to remain an inspirational, knowledgeable and effective Pilates instructor.

They include practical application, in-depth study of general or specific subjects.

These workshops and courses have been designed for those who are certified Level 3 Pilates instructor, Studio Pilates instructors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other health professionals.

Half Day Workshops

Duration 4 hours

Workshop fee £95

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Pilates Masterclass

The masterclasses are the heart of your learning and education. They provide the opportunity to really slow down and learn something profoundly new about the body and how to move efficiently and effectively. Every masterclass is designed to help you and those you teach.

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Learn how to strengthen, stabilise, stretch and soften the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is our foundation. It forms the bottom of the core musculature, and it plays an important role in our overall postural and functional health. When the pelvic floor is not working probably, our foundation is not supporting us throughout the day. As we get older, the muscles of the pelvic floor can get weaker, and as a result, disorders related to the pelvic floor become increasingly common, including incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and much more. Generally most people think that pelvic floor issues arise when the pelvic floor muscles get too lax. Pelvic floor muscles can also be too tight, causing another set of problems.

Postural Analysis

In this workshop we discuss the theories and physiology behind postural deterioration. From this understanding we can relate the changes in movement to the muscle chains that provide stability whilst producing force. Using our key movement pattern assessments we can identify and understand how the body compensates for the weakness that inevitably leads to dysfunction and postural changes. These key assessments can then form the foundation of a corrective strategy and effective postural exercise prescription.

Self Myofascial Release

Self-Myofascial Release is a soft tissue technique designed to loosen up the connective tissue surrounding and supporting the muscles of the body. This tissue becomes restricted over time, causing pain and limiting movement. By releasing this buildup we can improve the suppleness and function of our muscles. This workshop will integrate the use of Rumble Roller Massage Balls placed in a variety of positions to release intractable areas in the body.

Stretch Therapy

This workshop is designed to help you learn techniques, gain understanding of how to perform a deeper stretch. Stretch Therapy is low impact, deep stretching of all the main muscles and muscle groups in the body. Stretching is progressive, beginning with simple pose often a standard stretch for a particular muscle, but these become more complex and compound over time. Stretching is a must when exercising. Better flexibility helps maximise your performance, increases blood flow to the muscles and decrease the chance of injuries with the increase range of motion in the joints.

Chair Pilates

The Chair Based Pilates workshop is designed for people who have less mobility but still wish to benefit from the Pilates Method. As the name suggests, Chair Based Pilates is performed whilst sitting down. The workshop will delve into the series of movements, stretches and exercises that allow someone who is less mobile the opportunity to increase the heart rate and exercise body without bearing their own weight. Experience what it feels like not being 'on your feet' and how this can be an beneficial form of exercise. Those with feet/ankles, knees or hip problems will find exercise performed on a chair invaluable.

Standing Pilates

Standing Pilates adapts many of the classic Pilates mat exercises to take them into the vertical plane. Doing Pilates exercises while standing adds the challenge of keeping ones balance as various moves shift weight and body placement over one or both legs. It also teaches the body/mind to re-pattern movement habits towards better alignment and efficiency; this is then reflected in performing daily tasks with greater ease. Learning to keep a neutral spine while standing, walking or bending is an example of taking Pilates alignment training into everyday life.

Magic Circle (Isotoner)

Enhance your Pilates Mat classes with the magic circle, originally designed by Joseph H. Pilates. The magic circle adds resistance, centres the body and facilitates muscular balance. In this workshop you will learn how to use the magic circle with some of the most popular Pilates Mat exercises from the classic repertory, including standing work.

Small Pilates Ball

The goal of this workshop is to teach Pilates Mat exercises that focus on strengthening and stabilising the muscles in the lower back and abdominals. You will explore the effects when using the Small Pilates Ball when it is integrated whilst working with the upper body and lower body.

Large Stability Ball

Review Pilates Mat exercises and modification, Pilates Mat principles, Pilates terminology and anatomy. Learn ways to add new challenges using the Stability Ball.

Stability Foam Roll

The Stability Foam Roller challenges balance proprioception and coordination. Learn how the roller targets core stabilisers, cues alignment and challenges strength through the periphery and core and discover how to use cues and corrections to maintain safety and effectiveness in all workouts.

Resistant Band

This resistant band workshop is designed to integrate with the body and the Pilates mat. Using the traditional Pilates exercises we explore moving from imprint to neutral spine. You will learn and develop correct recruitment patterns and differentiate poor recruitment.

Wobble Board 1 & 2

Part I - Wobble boards are effective for improving the sense of proprioception, which is strongly linked to balance. This workshop looks at how the wobble board can aid in rehabilitation and stability of the feet, ankle, knee and hip. Part 2 - Looks at how the wobble board can aid in rehabilitation and stability of the spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hands.

Gliding Discs

Gliding discs are used for both strength and stability work for the upper and lower body. When placed beneath the feet and hands the gliding discs can create a challenge of resistance, balance and mobility to multiple planes. The gliding disc can be a fun and challenging tool to add to your classes.

Free Weights

The four-hour Free Weight workshop is designed to build confidence, develop skilled technique, help avoid injuries, and aid participants in embarking on effective training regimes. The sessions throughout the workshop are designed to build personal knowledge and awareness of technique when using hand held weights.

1 Day Workshops

Duration 7 hours

Course fee £150

Shoulder, Spine, Hip and Knee

These 4 courses address common cause of joint pains, core stabilisation, posture, muscle performance, motor control and rehabilitation:

  • Shoulder
  • Spine
  • Hip
  • Knee

Price: £150 each

Pilates and Osteoporosis

Learn the causes of osteoporosis (and its precursor, osteopenia), how it's diagnosed, who's at risk, how to prevent it and how to address it. Discover the biomechanics of bone loading, why spinal flexion is so potentially dangerous to those with bone loss and how to prevent fractures. Learn bone strengthening protocols and exercises along with balance and posture tools. Expand your knowledge of functional anatomy creative environment.

Price: £150

2 Day Workshops

Duration 7 hours per day

Course fee £300

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

The 2 day course enables you to design and teach a safe and effective Pilates class and private sessions to pre and post natal women, including those with previous Pilates experience and those who are new to Pilates.

This course integrates: Progressions and adaptations to meet the biomechanical demands in exercise programming for the pregnant and post pregnant client, in-depth concentration on core knowledge, breathing techniques and three trimester programming based on the Pilates method.

Price: £300

Senior Pilates

Many older adults find that their balance, flexibility and endurance have diminished over time.

All the symptoms of a sedentary life, like poor muscle tone, bad posture, hunched shoulders, lower back pain, excess weight, worsen significantly in older age. The invisible effects of a life without exercise also increase.

Senior citizens who don't work out regularly are often plagued with aches and pains, poor sleep, bad circulation, stiff necks, loss of bone density and a lack of energy.

The good news is Pilates is very safe for seniors to perform, making it a great exercise choice to overcome some of the age related issues. This workshop will enable you to provide guidance when planning a safe and effective exercise programme using the Pilates Method.

Price: £300

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